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WEAVETECH NETWORKS INC., founded in the year 2012 by a team of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts and highly trained professionals, is engaged in the business of providing state-of-the-art system integration solutions to Small-Medium Enterprises and large corporate clients.

Powered by MOUNTAINVIEW SATELLITE CORP., our network is built through a backbone infrastructure using Ethernet over Coax (EoC) and Fiber Optic Cable (FOC).

Adhering to the principle of service excellence, WEAVETECH NETWORKS INC. sets the highest standards of business solutions focusing on quality, technology advancement, and customer satisfaction.

We provide advanced business solutions to various clients from home consumers to corporate and large-scale businesses. Among these solutions are – Transport (International Private Lines, Domestic Lease Lines, Point- to-Multipoint Connectivity), Internet (Broadband Data, WIFI Access, VoIP), Structured Cabling and Networking, Call Center Solutions including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), VPN, Co-Location Services, Hardware and Software Solutions, and Managed Data Services.


Consumers and corporate clients can now enjoy reliable, unlimited access, affordable, and high-speed Broadband Internet anytime, anywhere!


Avail now of WEAVETECH DSL
to grow
your business dramatically
and improve
your operations efficiency.


Internet telephony service that allows you to make or receive international calls or calls within private networks via a special platform connected to the Internet.

System Integration

WEAVETECH NETWORKS INC. has always been committed to deliver superior and reliable telecommunication services and back–up solutions


We offer
the following services.

If you would like to avail of our services, please contact us today and our Business Solution Manager will be in touch.

Choose your Fiberblaze Plan now!

Fiberblaze Application Requirements

1.) 2 Valid IDs (with picture & signature)

2.) Proof of Billing (not more than 2 months old)

3.) Accomplished Application Form and Checklist

4.) Installation Fee and Security Deposit equivalent to 1 monthly service fee, if applicable

Weavetech Access Point

Consumers and corporate clients can now enjoy reliable, unlimited, affordable, and high-speed Broadband Internet anytime, ANYWHERE!

Weavetech AIR has a NOMADIC built-in feature to provide our clients a reliable, accessible, and high-speed wireless internet that would definitely give your money’s worth.

We are extensively increasing the Weavetech AIR coverage areas by partnering with owners of Dormitories, Condominiums, Hotels, Bars & Restaurants, and Condotels.

Weavetech AIR is accessible not only in the comfort of your own home, but in well-known commercial establishments of the metropolis.

MTU Internet & Cable TV

Multi-Tenant Unit Solutions equips buildings with broadband access to Weavetech services like broadband and Cable TV.

It is a cost-effective option to deliver guaranteed broadband access solutions to multiple users located in a single structure.

Not only are you getting superfast and reliable broadband internet, but also great channel lineups that provide you with the best TV viewing experience.

Guaranteed Internet Access

GIA provides improved performance and cost-efficiency versus pricey IPLC links. We recommend GIA for companies with bandwidth-heavy applications (video and voiced) such as:

  • Large Corporation
  • Universities
  • Government
  • Institutions
  • BPOs and Call Centers

  • Weavetech Access-Mile Solutions Transport Service

    One important aspect of a successful business is having better telecommunications facilities which primarily begin from having a reliable and well-structured data transport and connectivity.

    It is for this reason that Weavetech has developed Leased Line/ Transport Service Solutions which are truly ideal for businesses:

  • With offices located domestically or even internationally;
  • That requires reliability in transferring a large amount of data between branches or sites for backup purposes;
  • That has private networks or telephone networks;
  • That are looking for cost-effective bandwidth capabilities;
  • That require guaranteed internet bandwidth.
  • Your business can enjoy high-speed, wider coverage and large bandwidth capacities be it Domestic Leased Line (DLL) or International Private Line (IPL).

    Value Added Services

    Ever wanted to check your security cameras without actually being there?

    Weavetech got you covered. Not only are we providing security for your property, but the convenience of viewing your security footages in REALTIME, anywhere.

    Weavetech has always been committed to deliver superior and reliable telecommunication services and back-up solutions.

    This is why we devoted so much time and effort in designing and developing a service that will surely provide the best-integrated telecommunication infrastructure and to support the demands of our clients.

    W-VPN provides your business with a networking solution that lets you leverage the power and reach of the Internet that connects multiple corporate locations without compromising security.

    - Universities / School
    - Manufacturing and Production Companies
    - Freight Forwarding
    - Government Institutions
    - Multiple Branches

    Having a bad communication with your customers can result to get a bad reviews from them.
    Weavetech Networks Inc. provides a smoother communication with your customers to enable you to offer a quicker service and resolve any of their concerns.

    This will also help your employees connect and communicate with their colleagues that can enable them to work together no matter where they are located.

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